President’s Message


As the BORDRILL team, established on the experience from Mapek Machinery with a 25-year past, we have aimed to provide drilling and well completion services needed at home and abroad at the highest standards through our rigs, cementing units and equipment of the latest technology. In this context, we shall continue to offer uninterrupted services with our specialist, experienced, trained and hard-working personnel and to meet further demand by incorporating new rigs, units and equipment.

BORDRILL, which has set bringing out Turkey’s and Region's energy reserves as the first target for itself, has implemented major projects together with distinguished energy firms and adopted the principle of growth in Turkey and abroad with its strong technical and mechanical capabilities and financial structure and the continuity of projects.

In line with this policy, it has supported and will continue to support its employees through up-to-date training to ensure that they work at international standards.

With our occupational health, environmental and quality standards which we carefully follow and implement and with the national and international memberships we have, we will continue to preserve the dynamism of our competitive structure that renews and checks itself.

We would like to thank our Operators who trust in and choose to work with us.