Quality Policy

With the acceptance of customer satisfaction which is the basis of our quality system, compliance with national and international standards, zero nonconformity and complaint-free customer satisfaction, a measurable evaluation process interacts with the active auditing process, continuous training and exercises in the foreground in our activities, effective equipment auditing and maintenance processes are included in the quality management system, technology and new practices in our activities that follow a planning and operational structure, the entire system is reviewed in certain periods to ensure continuous improvement are our main goals.

In addition, our goal is to implement the Quality Management System in a complete manner, in order to make all the staff to contribute to the process by brainstorming and to manage the works of staff for improving the system, and to establish the most simple and flawless structure with a policy open to innovations within the system and to manage it within the framework of quality objectives.


President's Quality Message

BORDRILL's quality policy is based on customer satisfaction and it designs its operations accordingly. ISO and OHSAS standards, which BORDRILL has integrated with its organization, reflects importance that the firm attaches to quality and shows that its operations meet those standards.