Environment Policy

It is an inseparable part of our business to minimize the negative impacts on our environment during our activities in the sector we are based on and to use the appropriate technology by taking necessary precautions for this by starting from environmental protection cases which are open to sustainable development. In this respect, our aim is to apply the “Environmental Management System” to keep the possible effects of the environmental dimensions arising from our drilling activities on the environment and human health under constant control and to review our system under periodically changing conditions and to continuously improve our environmental protection performance.

For this purpose; we are aiming to comply with all approved local, national and international legal regulations, laws / regulations and other obligations relating to the environment, to prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve environmental performance by following scientific researches and technological developments, to conserve natural resources and use them in the most efficient way, to take measures to reduce the consumption of resources such as electricity, fuel and water by setting annual targets, to reduce or recover solid, liquid and gas wastes generated during our activities as much as possible at the source, to plan and implement measures to minimize environmental damage in the event of any accident or emergency that may occur during our activities, to contribute to continuous development by creating environmental goals and objectives, to raise environmental responsibility awareness of all our employees from top management to the lowest level by providing environmental trainings to all employees within our company, to communicate with national and local governmental organizations, other industrial organizations and suppliers and to share information when necessary,  to raise our environmental standards all together, and so, we are committed to continuous improvement by reviewing the entire system at regular intervals.


President's Environment Message 

BORDRILL designs its operations based on the awareness that the nature is the main employer and plans and implements its all related operations with minimum negative effects on the environment and people.