Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

By selecting Zero Work Accident as the main target; to be an international leader in its sector by working in accordance with national and international laws and standards, to prevent injuries and health deterioration, to improve OHS management and OHS performance continuously, to make the number of days without accidents in towers 365 by creating and managing the activities within the OHS management plan, open to communication and sharing, creating an opportunity for the employees to develop themselves and motivating them, together with the policy of effective training and equipment usage, to establish an improved risk assessment system by involving personnel, to create active audit and regulation processes, to maintain and improve all OHS activities by establishing healthy and effective communication channels between the personnel and the top management in line with the harmonized action policy with the local authorities.


President's QHSE Message

Being aware of risks associated with its operations, BORDRILL trains its employees and assesses its all actions in that context. It develops training plans to that effect and constantly follows up on those plans and perfects them by subjecting its plans to effective supervision processes. Being aware of the potential benefits of making people feel that they are valued, we evaluate and steer our operations with the active involvement of our employees.