Cementing & Acidizing Services
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Besides the drilling services, Bordrill provides cementing services for oil, gas and geothermal drilling with its experienced crews and electronic measurement, control and reporting system, semitrailer mounted brand new and modern cementing units having twin pump and motor system up to an operational pressure of 14.000 Psi in order to bond and support casing and provide zonal isolation.
Bordrill prepares the cement slurry, which is designed in accordance with your specific well requirements, by cementing units, cement silos, mixing tanks and all connection and recording systems, at the highest sensitivity, and pumps it into the well.

Acidizing the oil-bearing formation with chemicals that do not cause harm to the environment after the drilling operation in certain cases may make the well productive and increase the production. Bordrill provides acidizing service with its state of art cementing units, acid mixing tanks and preparation tanks. The acidizing operation that is performed to increase well permeability and production is performed in compliance with international standards in a way responsible fort he environment by experienced Bordrill crews.