Coiled Tubing Services
Coiled Tubing Services
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   Bordrill’s new generation Coiled Tubing Unit (CTU) is designed and manufactured in 2017-2018 for the deepest & most challenging well conditions.

     Bordrill’s 15.000 psi working pressure Coiled Tubing Unit (CTU) is equipped with 100.000 Ibs Injector Head, 2” x 6.000 meters Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen Pump, 2 x 1.000 HP Fracture Pumps and all other necessary auxiliary equipment and performs the following operations.

  •  Acidizing and well stimulation

  • Well cleanout, solids & scaling removing

  • Well control and kill the wells

  • Nitrogen pumping and well flowing

  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • Fishing and all thru-tubing operations 

     Bordrill CTU and all other auxiliary equipment are designed and manufactured to perform all kind of CTU operations to meet operator needs. All equipment has the latest technology and valid & current certificates.

     Bordrill is performing CTU operations safely & smoothly with its integrated QHSE management system, experienced crew, MEDCO & CT inspection software programs, acid & water tanks and nitrogen-acid-chemical supply by working 24 hours a day basis.